In Memory of C. Welton Gaddy

Whoever you are and whatever your spiritual life, however you see the world and whomever you love, Welton Gaddy loved you. Make him your teacher.

Featured Podcast

Good Faith Weekly

There’s More to tell

Join co-hosts Mitch and Missy Randall as they discuss current events and issues, engage in some humorous banter, and interview faith leaders from around the world each week on Good Faith Weekly.

Mules pulling wagons in Amish country.
Featured Experience

Amish Country

October 11-14, 2023

Join us for a unique small-group, personalized opportunity in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to engage with Amish families and community leaders to learn about their lifestyles, livelihoods, education and faith. Led by experienced hosts with trusted relationships within the Amish community, this unique opportunity provides for interaction with Amish people who will openly share their ways of living in close community.

Featured Book

Finding Truth in the Parables

By: Maralene and Miles Wesner

The Bible is full of stories. Some are historical and factual, meant to be taken literally. Many others are parables about spiritual and moral issues, meant to teach a deeper lesson.

We don’t necessarily know which stories are factual and which are not. Often, however, it doesn’t matter; the meaning is what’s important. Unless the story can be applied in our lives today, it’s useless.

Cover of the July-August 2020 Nurturing Faith Journal

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