Handing Over the Hammer

Since taking on a $ 1.60-an-hour dishwashing job as a teen, I’ve been continuously employed in some capacity. While I can’t imagine doing nothing, facing a stage of life without the current deadlines, meetings and other commitments is inviting.

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Take Me to the Water

By Starlette Thomas

“Take Me to the Water”: The Raceless Gospel as Baptismal Pedagogy for a Desegregated Church introduces the North American church to the raceless gospel, which doubles as a teaching instrument and an emerging ecclesiology that is egalitarian, non- binary and non- dualistic. The raceless gospel is an announcement, preparing the way for an undivided “kin-dom” that is coming. The segregation of the North American church was not by happenstance but began the moment European Protestants positioned themselves as the go- between God and other nationalities for relationship. The first sign of segregation was down by the riverside. Thus, the raceless gospel argues that the North American church needs to be taken to the water to submerge all competing identities so that all members can live freely and more fully into their baptismal identity as expressed by the first creed: “For you are children of God in the Spirit. There is no Jew or Greek; there is no slave or free; there is no male and female. For you are all on one in the Spirit.”

This living epistle is for baptized believers and would be achievers of a reconciled church.

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