People of Good Faith: Jackie Riley

Jackie Riley is senior copy editor for Nurturing Faith Journal and Nurturing Faith books and handles customer service for Nurturing Faith books. She previously served for 20 years as managing editor of Baptists Today / Nurturing Faith. What story,...
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Good Faith Weekly

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Mitch Randall and Autumn Lockett discuss current events and issues, and interview faith leaders from around the world each week on Good Faith Weekly.

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Israel / West Bank

May 19 – 29, 2021

Join Hebrew Bible professor and host Tony Cartledge for an amazing tour of Israel and the West Bank. Spend four nights by the Sea of Galilee and five nights in Jerusalem, visiting sacred sites from the Mediterranean coast to the Dead Sea, from the northern city of Dan to the southern city of Lachish.

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Preaching for the Long Haul

by Bruce C. Salmon

The biggest challenge for me of a long-term pastorate was the preaching. How does one come up with something “new” to say every Sunday? Yes, the Bible is a vast trove of sermonic material, but the same preacher Sunday after Sunday struggles to interpret a fresh vision of biblical truth that stimulates the mind and touches the heart. Yet it is possible.