September 27, 2023

Louisiana Opens Preliminary Civil Rights Museum at New Orleans Convention Center; For $18.65, Famous Artist Designs Racial Justice Windows for National Cathedral; Jimmy Carter’s Final Chapter: Peanut Butter Ice Cream and His 99th Birthday (and more)

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Christians Against Christian Nationalism

BJC (Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty)

Join Christians across the country speaking out against Christian nationalism, which is a distortion of our faith and a divisive force in our country. You can learn more, read the statement and add your name here.

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Reading John 

by Gerald L. Borchert

Biblical scholar Gerald Borchert analyzes the Gospel of John by focusing on the fascinating nature of storytelling in the gospel as a prime example and model of early Christian storytelling. While the Johannine stories have come down to us in an exquisitely written theological document, Borchert believes this gospel clearly reflects its roots in the oral culture of the early church.

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