Jesus on the Sidelines

Americanized Christians have made a recent substitution, replacing one player for another star. With this long-revered figure now on the sidelines, many are struggling to know how to proceed.

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Being intentional about recognizing the sacred locations where God’s presence permeates is at the heart of GFM’s #SacredSpaces initiative. In addition to heavy moments where we find holiness amid darkness at locations where tragedies happened, there are other sacred places that rejuvenate and inspire the soul. #SacredSpaces seeks to provide an opportunity for GFM staff and friends to recognize and honor such places. Learn more about the initiative here.

A group a Masada
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Israel / West Bank

May 27-June 6, 2022

Reading about the Holy Land is one thing: experiencing it is another. Join curriculum writer Tony Cartledge and Good Faith Media CEO Mitch Randall for a nine-day tour of Israel and the West Bank. This could be the trip of a lifetime for those who want to walk where Jesus walked.

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Have a Minute?

Doug Dortch

Time is a form of currency that each of us is afforded a set amount. No one has any more or any less time. Everyone is granted the same 1,440 minutes in a day. How we use them, however, is our decision. This book of devotions recognizes that reality and offers a resource to make those moments we carve out of our busy schedules the most meaningful.

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