White Supremacist and the N-Word: The Failure of This “Both Sides” Argument

There’s a difference between calling someone a white supremacist and calling someone the N-word. To say they are the same is a false equivalent; this is not a “both sides” argument.

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Survivors of Conversion Therapy

Good Faith Media

Over 700,000 individuals have suffered some form of conversion therapy – a practice aimed at “changing” a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Conversion therapy, disguised by many names and phrases, lurks in faith-based spaces all over the world – causing great harm to real people who were created in the very image of God. GFM sat down with several survivors of conversion therapy to hear their stories.

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2023 Experiences

Good Faith Experiences are highly personalized travel and learning opportunities that combine inspiration and adventure. These well-planned and hosted trips offer unique, shared experiences in locations across the world. In 2023, Good Faith Experiences will be held in Alabama, Amish Country and Iceland.

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Finding Truth in the Parables

By: Maralene and Miles Wesner

The Bible is full of stories. Some are historical and factual, meant to be taken literally. Many others are parables about spiritual and moral issues, meant to teach a deeper lesson.

We don’t necessarily know which stories are factual and which are not. Often, however, it doesn’t matter; the meaning is what’s important. Unless the story can be applied in our lives today, it’s useless.

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