Stoking the College Revival Fires

Christian revivalism isn’t unique to the United States, but like barbecue and blue jeans, we have placed our unique spin on it and claimed it as our own.

Featured Podcast

Doctrine of Christian Discovery

The podcast explores how a centuries-old Christian doctrine encouraged
conquest and colonization of non-Christians — and how its legacies still affect various lands and peoples.

The Doctrine of Christian Discovery podcast was produced during the “Religious Origins of White Supremacy: Johnson v. M’Intosh and the Doctrine of Christian Discovery” conference in December 2023 at Syracuse University in New York.

Featured Book

Worship Anew in Babylon

– By Claude Douglas Bryan

Worship Anew in Babylon was created with the hope of providing encouragement, insight, and discussion as we learn to live, even prosper, and to sing songs of praise and worship in our times of exile. Exile is a time of new thoughts, understandings, revelations, and actions. Learning to live anew in exile and banishment is necessary. Exile involves our past—what we have left behind; our present—how we will live today; and our future—what our legacy will be..

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