Author Nudges Readers Beyond Sentimentality Toward Mystery of Christmas

McGowin moves readers from the background of Christmas to its practices today — where family and faith traditions take various shapes. Some aspects enhance the spiritual significance while others distract from it.

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Parables, Politics, and Prophetic Faith

–By Allan Boesak and Wendell Griffen

This is a book about parables for our times. We work with selected passages of Scripture, reading and interpreting them as parables as we attempt to understand and discern the signs of our times that we may now, perhaps too benignly, describe as times of great upheaval and confusion.

The challenge this book attempts to confront is how Christians, standing in the tradition of the biblical prophets and of Jesus of Nazareth, and the prophets of today read and discern the signs of our own times. How do we interpret the situations contemporary politics is creating for especially the poor and oppressed, the vulnerable and excluded children of God? How do we reclaim not only our prophetic imagination but also the boldness and courage to enact it in the dismantling of what is wrong, unjust, and inhuman.

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