Gratitude is Just the Beginning

While it’s important to be thankful, we could benefit from spending less time counting the blessings we enjoy and more time remembering those who suffered the most in making such benisons possible.


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Babs Baugh Tribute

Hope Manifest

David Schwoebel and Terry York were commissioned by Hope Manifest to compose this choral piece in celebration of what might have been Babs’ most endearing quality, her living legacy of “whosoever will may come.” By serendipity or providence, the Gospel reading for Christ the King Sunday just days ago was the familiar and challenging words of Jesus in Matthew 25 from which Terry drew inspiration for “You Welcome Me.”

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Good Faith Weekly

There’s More to tell

Mitch Randall and Autumn Lockett discuss current events and issues, and interview faith leaders from around the world each week on Good Faith Weekly.

Featured Experience

Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

August 7-14, 2021

Join historian, author and Yellowstone expert Bruce Gourley, Good Faith Media CEO Mitch Randall, and co-host Missy Randall for an inspiring, small-group experience in the world’s oldest and most famous national park and the adjacent Tetons. Enjoy world famous wildlife, geysers, hot pools, waterfalls, beautiful wilderness and more.

Featured Book

A Man of Peace Goes to War

by I. Harold Storey

A compilation of the very stories Mr. Storey has carried with him for over seventy-five years, shared with thousands of people through writing and oral interviews, and repeated again to me.