Nevertheless She Preached 2023

The conference focused on everlasting female and queer voices. Many of the speakers preached and spoke about the importance of matriarchal voices and representation.

Featured Podcast

Brother Molly

A GFM Narrative Podcast

Born into a legacy of Baptist preachers on the frontier, theologian Molly T. Marshall blazed her own trail across the 20th and 21st centuries, forging a path for future generations of female ministers through a determination to follow God’s call on her life. This six-part series, narrated by Erica Whitaker, explores Marshall’s the life and ministry.

Featured Book

Tulsa Times

by Merrill Davies

During his seven years in Tulsa, Jonny watches people struggle with dust storms and depression-era economics. He buys shoes for children in soup lines and enjoys going to Cain’s Ballroom and hearing Bob Wills in the evenings. A dear friend helps him understand that he can’t run away from his troubles. When his friend dies of dust pneumonia, he decides to return to his Kentucky home, where he has recently been declared dead. Amidst family and friends who are not always sympathetic with his plight, he begins the long journey toward a better life.

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