By John D. Pierce

10Spending a full week with great people while sharing wonder-filled experiences is something worth looking forward to and making plans for now.

Here are 10 of the many good reasons to register for the Nurturing Faith Experience: Yellowstone/Tetons to be held July 9-16.


1. Bruce Gourley’s local knowledge

See Yellowstone, Tetons and the surrounding area in ways few get to enjoy. The owner of, Bruce has long explored the region and provides an insider view with a personal touch.


2. Breathtaking scenery

From imposing mountains to expansive valleys to spewing geysers to colorful sunrises and sunsets, beauty abounds day after day. And keep your eyes open for bison, bighorn sheep, bears, moose, wolves and other residents of the places we’ll visit.


3. Friendships and memories

Travel with a small group of people eager to talk, laugh and share. The time spent together is one of the best parts of this experience — which lasts a week but provides warm memories for a lifetime.


4. Float the Snake River

An end-of-day raft trip in Grand Teton will include dinner outdoors and great prospects for wildlife viewing. Take a sneak peek here.


5. Tony’s storytelling

Informal gatherings will include Tony Cartledge’s insightful telling of Bible stories we learned as children but might reconsider as adults.


6. Huckleberries but no hassle

Just register and book your flights. From the time you arrive at the Bozeman airport until you depart, you are in good hands. Relax and enjoy.


7. Meet Benny

Benny McCracken will join us one evening to tell stories of life in the West — West Yellowstone, Mont., that is, a small town with summer tourists and deep-chilled winters.


8. Clark’s Fork’s cinnamon rolls

We don’t want you getting hungry between meals.


9. Great food from opening dinner to cowboy cookout

We eat well — starting at Montana Ale Works in beautiful downtown Bozeman on through the grand vittles at Parade Rest Guest Ranch.


10. See it while you can

Beneath the surface of Yellowstone is a “supervolcano” that erupts every 640,000 years. So don’t procrastinate. Details and registration information are right here.






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