More than 1,000 faith leaders in the United States issued a statement on Tuesday in support of free and fair elections.

“We join together as leaders of faith across political, religious and ideological differences to affirm our commitment to a free, fair and safe election,” the statement begins, noting that the freedoms enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, including religious freedom, “depend on the integrity of our elections – the foundation of American democracy.”

The signatories set forth four commitments that they urged all U.S. leaders to affirm:

  • That all eligible voters be able to cast their ballots, “without interference, suppression or fear of intimidation.”
  • That every vote be counted based on applicable laws.
  • That timely, accurate information about election results be communicated and misinformation not be shared.
  • That a peaceful transfer of power be supported and carried out.

“The commitments outlined above are central to a functioning and healthy republic and they are supported by the vast majority of Americans, yet they are being challenged in unprecedented ways in the 2020 election,” the statement said.

Signatories come from a variety of faith traditions and include William Barber II (Greenleaf Christian Church/Repairers of Breach), Traci Blackmon (United Church of Christ), Simone Campbell (NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice), Walter Contreras (National Latino Evangelical Coalition), Imam Mohamed Magid (International Interfaith Peace Corps), Rabbi Jack Moline (Interfaith Alliance), James Perkins (Greater Christ Baptist Church in Detroit), Barbara Williams-Skinner (National African American Clergy Network) and Mary Young (Association of Theological Schools).

The full statement and the list of signatories are available here.


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