Yellowstone bison (by Meredith Pierce)

By John D. Pierce

Nurturing Faith Experiences are unique, small-group opportunities to be inspired by nature, enjoy good company, share delicious meals, stay in high-demand housing in and around national parks, and make some really great memories.

Attentive, insightful hosting adds to the mix — separating these experiences from typical group tours.

Two exciting experiences — hosted by Bruce Gourley and John Pierce — are planned for next July and registration is now open.

The first experience is Old West: Yellowstone/Cody, set for July 14-21. This one features the best of Yellowstone as well as “America’s 50 most-beautiful miles” to the Old West town of Cody, Wyo., with its nightly summer rodeo.

Picnics, wildlife viewing, cultural learning and more will be offered. See the full itinerary and other details at this link.

The second experience, Yellowstone/Tetons Adventures, is set for July 21-28. This more active experience including hiking, rafting, horseback riding and a kayak tour of Yellowstone Lake.

All the details are available at this link.

Each experience will be limited to 18 persons. So, if interested, now is the time to ensure a place for you.

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