Two new series focused on engaging the next generation are set to launch on in September.

The “U:21” (“Under 21”) series will engage high school and college students who have a passion for seeking justice in society, care about applying their faith to the pressing issues of the day and have an interest in writing.

The “Emerging Voices” series will provide an opportunity for seminary and divinity school students, as well as ministers serving in their first ministry role after graduation, to address real issues in real time by writing columns. plans to publish two columns per month for each series.

“The next generation of Baptists is very impressive. In many ways, they remind me of the ‘Greatest Generation.’ They are socially conscious with a willingness to make sacrifices in order to promote justice and intervene for the voiceless,” said executive director Mitch Randall. “’s two new series will highlight some of the best young minds across the world, as they help shape the conversation over critical topics and offer important insights from their generational perspectives.”

Local church leaders can help by identifying high school and college students and encouraging them to submit columns to for consideration.

Seminary professors are asked to identify students in their classes to do the same.

Writers are encouraged to review’s submission guidelines before sending columns for consideration.

“I first sent a column to for consideration in 2009, soon after I began my first ministry position after seminary,” recalled Zach Dawes,’s managing editor. “Now, six years into working for, and nearly a decade since my first submission, I’m excited to launch these series that will provide the next generations the same opportunity I was given – a platform for moral, ethical reflections that are factual, written for general audiences, rooted in faith and that promote justice for all.”

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