EthicsDaily and Nurturing Faith announced on Monday that we are combining our platforms to create Good Faith Media (GFM).

This new faith-based media company will carry on the legacies and principles of both organizations.

While a press release and splash page offer an overview of the new organization and the rationale behind its formation, I wanted to further engage our readers by explaining in greater detail what GFM will be providing and how it connects with what EthicsDaily currently offers.

The mission of our new venture will be to provide reflection and resources at the intersection of culture and faith through an inclusive Christian lens.

We will accomplish this mission through four service offerings: (1) News and Opinion, (2) Videos and Podcast Productions, (3) Print Publications and (4) Transformative Experiences.

News and Opinion will focus on reflecting on the most critical issues facing people of faith.

News articles will call attention to substantive events, surveys and reports, while opinion columnists from around the world will offer their expertise and wisdom at the intersection of faith and culture.

Good Faith News and Opinion will deliver original and curated content each weekday, similar to what currently provides.

Videos and Podcast Productions will also extend the work of EthicsDaily.

We will continue producing interviews addressing essential issues while also releasing more short documentaries that delve deeper into topics and tell fascinating stories from around the world.

In addition to video production, we are adding podcasts to our media platform. GFM will release narrative podcasts, along with a potential weekly podcast highlighting stories, editorials and interviews.

Print Publications will offer various materials for avid readers and subscribers.

Continuing the work of Nurturing Faith, Good Faith Publications will feature books, a journal and a Bible study curriculum.

Books will focus on intriguing narratives and topics facing people of faith. The journal will have articles from pastors, scholars and other people of faith talking about the importance of faith intersecting with culture.

Also, Good Faith curriculum will use the best scholarship to provide life-long learners the opportunity to further their biblical knowledge and understanding.

Transformative Experiences will build on the inspiring and life-changing trips currently offered by Nurturing Faith.

Good Faith Experiences will provide participants opportunities to explore the world while transforming their faith through reflection, conversation and engagement. Past experiences included Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park and Israel.

Combining these four service offerings will provide the very best products and experiences for readers, viewers, listeners, participants and supporters. Good Faith Media is committed to excellence.

For this reason, the combined staffs of EthicsDaily and Nurturing Faith are already working on the Good Faith Media launch for summer of 2020.

I will lead the Executive Team as Chief Executive Officer. Joining me are Johnny Pierce as Executive Editor and Publisher, and Autumn Lockett as Executive Director of Development and Marketing.

Other staff includes Cliff Vaughn as Media Producer, Zach Dawes Jr. as News and Opinion Editor, and Bruce Gourley as Publication Editor and Experiences Coordinator. Also, we will have specialty staff and contract agreements with the very best in the business.

Good Faith Media came into existence through the vision and leadership of Jackie Baugh Moore, Vice President of the Eula Mae and John Baugh Foundation.

She understands the importance of developing a faith-based media company that is willing to expand its mission and speak through various platforms to a larger world.

While remaining committed to the Baptist principles of freedom, we will also seek strategic partners that are both ecumenical and interfaith.

My predecessor at EthicsDaily, Robert Parham, always reminded people that Jesus-followers seek the common good for all people, which necessitates collaboration beyond our Baptist networks.

At Good Faith Media, we seek partners and collaborators that share the goal of an inclusive faith that seeks the common good for all people.

If your house of worship, denomination, organization or institution wants to discuss collaboration or partnership, please contact me at

For those wanting to support this exciting new venture, you may contribute online or send a check to at P.O. Box 721972, Norman, OK 73070 with “Good Faith Media” in the memo line.

Online donations can be made here. These will be handled through EthicsDaily’s secure site but will be earmarked for Good Faith Media.

We at EthicsDaily and Nurturing Faith appreciate the support and encouragement we have received after the announcement.

Working alongside talented and gifted people and organizations, Good Faith Media seeks to engage the world through inclusive and productive relationships.

We hope you will consider being a part of Good Faith Media. As Baugh Moore stated, “We are always better together.”

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