A Better Way Initiative


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A Better Way Initiative works at the intersection of faith and public life to educate and inform on policy and social issues by providing people of good faith with just and inclusive perspectives and resources.

Policy discussions are often framed in ways that suggest that people of faith have narrow, fundamentalist views. The principal goal of A Better Way Initiative is to provide an alternative voice in the public discourse regarding policy and religion. A Better Way empowers people of faith to engage in informed and fact-based discussions about policy and society in the media, in their houses of faith and communities, and in their personal relationships.


Good Faith Media is countering Christian nationalism by providing a clear understanding of this destructive ideology and advancing healthy alternatives to its divisive effects as part of its A Better Way Initiative.

A proactive approach to living positively as faith communities, a nation and the world is needed to challenge and counter the damaging effects of Christian nationalism. A better way is rooted in ideals at the heart of the American experience and the teachings of Christianity and other historic faith traditions.

These resources are designed for media, government officials, educators, faith leaders and others seeking to better understand Christian nationalism and its negative impacts on both civic and religious life.

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