What’s not to like about Bubba Watson, the newly crowned champion of golf’s hallowed Masters Tournament?

He grew up in a tiny Florida panhandle town named Baghdad, played golf for the University of Georgia, and lives at least half the year in North Carolina. 

He regularly rips tee shots of more than 300 yards, left-handed, with an oversized pink driver. 

All week long at Augusta, he wore white outfits with pink accents to raise money for children with physical deformities who need cosmetic surgery.

Though his name is Gerry, everybody calls him “Bubba,” and in a culture of technicians he plays an uncoached free-wheeling game that he calls “Bubba golf.” 

He’s an unabashed believer who participates in a weekly Bible study with other pros, and whose first post-Masters tweet was “To God be the glory!!!”

He’s outspoken about how much he loves his wife, his newly adopted son, and his mama — and he’s not afraid to cry. 

What’s not to like?

Here’s to you, Bubba. Bless your pea-pickin’, pink-drivin’ heart.


[Photo from Masters.com]

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