An ad promoting a trip to Glacier National Park has 17 Bible studies available to help you start off well your 2015 Sunday School, small group or Wednesday night studies.

All curriculum is available for purchase through the storefront. The studies will come to you via email as a PDF that can be printed or used in its digital format to conserve paper.

Leader guides and student guides, written by global Baptists, are available for each study. A preview of each curriculum unit is provided online.

The new year finds many of us making resolutions, commitments about what we will do and how we will be different, better in the coming year.

An excellent Bible study to help align resolutions with the Bible is “Living Wisely, Living Well,” a 13-week study of Proverbs.

Chapters such as “In Search of the Good Life,” “Working Wisely” and “Think Before You Speak!” explore topics relevant to all and that engage topics often included in New Year’s resolutions.

Our most popular curriculum, “Questions Jesus Asked,” is a 13-week study exploring 13 questions Jesus asked in the Gospel of Luke.

“Jesus challenged the prevailing religious practices of his day with probing, knotty questions … Jesus asked over 50 questions, according to Luke,” wrote Robert Parham, executive editor of, in the curriculum’s preface.

He added: “Clearly, Jesus used the strategy of questioning as a form of learning and teaching about matters of faith and practice. We, too, would do well to embrace Jesus’ approach to discernment.”

Other Bible study curriculum available includes:

â— “Being Doers of the Word” – A 13-week study of James

â— “Courageous Churches” – 13 lessons about risking on behalf of the gospel

â— “Doing the Will of God” – A 13-week study from the Gospel of Matthew

â— “Eyeing Easter, Walking through Lent” – 8 lessons for the Lenten season

â— “Five Lessons for Advent” – A five-week study on hope, peace, joy and love

â— “Genesis: The Creation of Relationships” – 6 lessons from Genesis 1-12

â— “God’s Purposes in Prayer” – A 13-week study of biblical prayers

â— “Honoring the Ten Commandments” – 13 lessons on applying the commandments

â— “In the Beginning God” – A 13-week study from Genesis

â— “Leading Churches in 21st Century Missions” – 13 lessons from Acts

â— “Looking at Leadership” – A 13-week study of leaders in 1 and 2 Kings

â— “Real Baptists” – 13 lessons on Baptist distinctives

â— “The Agenda” – An eight-week study of Jesus’ moral agenda in Luke 4

â— “The Practice of Living Faithfully” – 13 lessons on faith think, faith practice and faith talk.

â— “Walk His Way” – A 13-week study of discipleship from the Gospel of Mark

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