The Baptist Center for Ethics has a book gift for our readers who make a $50 or more contribution.

The book will enrich your life. Your gift will help BCE enrich the moral discourse in American life.

You win twice with a gift to BCE. You win personally. You win for the common good.

The book is a collection of essays about religion and American life written by Dwight Moody, chaplain at Georgetown College, and published by Mercer University Press.

The book is also collection of art work, much of it about life in a federal prison, done by Ike Moody, an inmate who is scheduled for release to a half-way house in January 2007. Ike, Dwight’s son, has been incarcerated for more than five years.

The $20 book, On the Other Side of Oddville, is a rare book birthed by uncommon circumstances. I certainly can’t recall such a work in Baptist life.

Jan Turrentine, managing editor of Acacia Resources, writes that Moody’s book is “at times a little confrontational, at other times compelling, most all the time compassionate.”

Bob Allen, managing editor of, says, “Moody’s stories are captivating. He sees spiritual truth where others don’t have the eyes to see.”

Bob Mong, president and publisher of the Dallas Morning News, writes in the preface: “Moody’s stories are not soggy and sentimental. There is fire and pathos intermingling naturally with passages of love, forgiveness, and tenderness.”

Isn’t that the kind of book you want to read? Isn’t BCE the kind of organization you want to support?

I’m asking for your support at a critical time of the year.

Know that we do have a limited supply of Dwight’s books and will ship them in order of donations.

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Robert Parham is executive director of the BaptistCenter for Ethics.

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