By John Pierce

While pounding the payment this afternoon I came upon a rare and wondrous sight: a pick-up football game.

In the yard. Without uniforms.

No helicopter parents telling the kids what they should or shouldn’t have done on the last play.

No constraints of a league schedule or time clock.

No lawn chairs. No tightly-parked SUV’s with the kids’ names plastered on the back.

No coaches or referees to be scolded for not showing favoritism.

Just laughter and carefree fun.

The temptation to ask to join in was great. But I need to get out of bed tomorrow.

However, my step was quickened and a smile came upon my face — just knowing that such a staple of youth still manifests itself on occasion in yards large or small, hilly or flat.

Play on, guys! There is still sunlight.

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