The team at Good Faith Media hopes you, your family and all those you love have a special Thanksgiving. 

The mythology that many Americans wrap Thanksgiving in is pervasive and persistent. It twists and obscures facts about the history of our country. It is often tethered to the harmful belief that God ordained “friendly” European settlers to spread and occupy the North American continent, at the expense of its original inhabitants. 

Because of this, we believe it is important to acknowledge that our Thanksgiving feasts today will take place on the ancestral homelands of countless Indigenous peoples, as well as among the diverse and dynamic Indigenous communities that make their home here today. We thank them for their stewardship of this land. 

Expressing gratitude is a cornerstone virtue of all major faith traditions. It is a recognition that all good gifts come from God. 

It is our prayer that as you gather today around tables full of these gifts, you do so with a spirit of gratitude and a commitment to participate in works of justice and grace so that no one is left out of God’s bounty. 

We are thankful for the Good Faith community and the many ways you continue to support our work. 

With Thanksgiving, 

Good Faith Media 

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