About GFM

About GFM

Good Faith Media provides reflection and resources at the intersection of faith and culture through an inclusive Christian lens.

Combining an entrepreneurial mindset and a nimble staff, GFM strives to be a leading resource for people of faith who wish to stay informed about the pressing issues of the day and to be equipped to engage constructively in working for justice.

GFM’s high quality, timely resources are provided through four primary channels: news and opinion, video and podcasts, publishing, and experiences.


Launched in July 2020, GFM is the result of a merger between two historic Baptist entities: Baptists Today (operating as Nurturing Faith) and Baptist Center for Ethics (operating as EthicsDaily.com).

Baptists Today was founded in 1983 by veteran journalist Walker Knight (1924-2019) to produce an autonomous national newspaper, first known as SBC Today. The publication evolved into Nurturing Faith Journal and, in recent years, the mission expanded to publish books and Bible studies, and to provide Nurturing Faith Experiences.

Baptist Center for Ethics was founded in 1991 by Robert Parham (1953-2017) to provide timely resources, including opinion columns, news articles, documentary films, Bible studies and video interviews. EthicsDaily.com was launched in 2001, becoming the hub for BCE’s initiatives.