Nurturing Faith Journal is a unique contribution to navigating Christian understanding and faithfulness in a fast-changing and, at times, confusing culture.

And I don’t just say that because I’m the executive editor.

The journal is chocked full of insightful, thoughtful and original content found nowhere online or in print.

Paul Wallace sheds a lot of light in his column, “Questions Christians ask Scientists,” and the upcoming issue will feature a Q&A with him about how an astrophysicist reconciles faith and science.

Historian Bruce Gourley is deep into an ongoing series on “Religion and the American Presidents.” The first issue of the new year will focus on LBJ. Just imagine what lies ahead!

There are numerous thoughtful columns and inspiring features in each issue — along with scholarly but applicable insights from the Bible and archeology by Tony Cartledge. Tony’s approach is to “never not tell you” something he knows.

You’ll appreciate how these studies, columns and features don’t “dumb down” the faith — but treat readers as intelligent people seeking to love God with all their hearts, souls and minds.

So please considering subscribing now at this LINK — or, if already a subscriber, please give a gift subscription to someone who would benefit from having this journal come to their home.

In a time when the public face of American Christianity is often one of a narrow, fearful religious/political ideology, we want to provide a faithful witness to the life-giving call to follow Jesus — as he taught his followers to live with compassion, justice and hope.

Read on!

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