Recent archaeological evidence of an ancient catastrophic flood in the Black Sea region has sparked headlines about the truth of the Genesis account of Noah.

“Did Noah’s Flood Really Happen?” read an Oct. 16 headline. And a New York Times headline read, “Scholars Find Further Signs of Big Flood Evoking Noah.”

“Archeologists have found evidence that appears to support the theory that a catastrophic flood struck the Black Sea region more than 7,000 years ago, turning the sea saline, submerging surrounding plains and possibly inspiring the flood legends of Mesopotamia and the Bible,” the Times reported.

Some Christians have long sought archeological and geologic evidence proving the Noachian flood. They have searched for Noah’s ark, believing scientific discoveries would defend the biblical account as historical fact and compel non-believers to Christian faith.

Other Christians contend that Christian faith does not depend on scientific evidence. Faith is more than hard science. Faith begins with a relationship with God.

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