1. Franklin Graham: Putin is Doing ‘What’s Right for Russia’ by Cracking Down on Gays (Raw Story)
  2. Army Stands Behind ‘Searingly Sectarian’ Prayer Event Despite Outcry Over Evangelical Ties (Huffington Post)
  3. Boy Scouts Revoke Seattle Church’s Charter Over Gay Scoutmaster (CNN)
  4. Huckabee: No Social Issues, No Evangelical Votes (Christian Broadcasting Network)
  5. A Casino Mogul and Southern Baptists Team up Against Online Gambling (InsuranceNews.Net)
  6. Baptist Impact Felt in Frankfort (Louisville Courier-Journal)
  7. Southern Baptist Leaders to Pastors: Put up a Glass Door (The Tennessean)
  8. Poll: Religion Trumps Belief in Big Bang for Most Americans (NBC News)
  9. The Battle of the Bible Films (Christianity Today)
  10. Outdoor Church Invites Homeless in on Easter (Boston Globe)
  11. Obamas Get Some Extra Attention at Easter Church’s Service in D.C. (ABC News)
  12. Top Catholic Leader Defends Hobby Lobby, Claims Women Can Get Birth Control at 7-11 (Think Progress)
  13. Small Church Makes Big Strides Despite Location, Trends (Associated Baptist Press)
  14. Merger Plans Collapse for Struggling Virginia College (Associated Baptist Press)
  15. Jerusalem: Christian Pilgrims in Jerusalem Find Their Path to the Via Dolorosa is an Ever Harder Road (Guardian)
  16. U.K.: David Cameron Christianity Claim Backed by Religious Groups (BBC News)
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