English-language, Arab newspaper editorials voiced deep opposition to the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, noting the lack of popular Iraqi support for occupation troops and predicting growing hatred of America.

“Hatred against the US is in its peak and is still growing,” said an editorial in the Yemen Times.

“The US army flew thousands of miles to invade another land, crush its infrastructure, kill innocent civilians, cause permanent disabilities to others, and leave them without electricity and water,” read the Yemen editorial. “This army will definitely not be welcomed with singing and dancing!”

The Daily Star, a Lebanese newspaper, noted that American troops were “not being showered with rose petals by grateful residents anxious to see the end of Saddam Hussein’s regime.”

U.S. “arrogance and ignorance” explain why the American government cannot understand its lack of credibility and affection in the Arab world, the editorial said.

The Star said, “Previous US presidents and their governments have been so duplicitous in Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Lebanon, and elsewhere, that no person in this part of the world can reasonably be expected to believe a single word that comes out of this or any other White House.”

Arab News said the invasion was “a criminal enterprise—unjustified, unprovoked, illegitimate, catastrophic for the Iraqi victims of the conflict.”
The Saudi Arabia newspaper editorial said that Palestinians and Iraqis “are both being subjected to the wrath of invading forces.”

Accusing the United States of “an imperial adventure in the Middle East,” Arab News said, “The ultimate objective of the wholesale destruction of Palestinian and Iraqi societies is to change the map of the Middle East by destroying all enemies of Israel and the US.”

A Jordan Times editorial said that the absence popular Iraqi support for the invading armies “shot to pieces” the argument that the war was to liberate the Iraqi people.

The next day, a Jordan Times editorial said that Washington’s effort to win the support of Iraqis was “lost the minute it launched its first bomb on Baghdad.”

Egypt’s Al-Ahram Weekly said the Iraqi people would never accept “a vassal post-Saddam Hussein regime superimposed by brutal force.”

The Egyptian editorial pointed to British and American history of aggression against Iraq to control the country’s oil.

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