1. FBI Opens Domestic Terrorist Probe Into Gilroy Shooting (CNN)
  2. Former FBI Agent: Hypocritical Talk, Worse Action: Trump Dismantled Tools to Fight White Supremacist Terrorism (USA Today)
  3. Domestic Terrorist Attacks Stir Debate on Extremism, With Trump on the Defensive (New York Times)
  4. Michelle Goldberg: Trump is a White Nationalist Who Inspires Terrorism (New York Times)
  5. Paul Krugman: Trump, Tax Cuts and Terrorism. Why Do Republicans Enable Right-Wing Extremism? (New York Times)
  6. Southern Baptists to ‘Horrific’ Acts of Violence, Ignore Trump’s Role in Inciting Violence (Biblical Recorder)
  7. Senate Republicans are Quietly Advancing a Radial Gun Plan: They’re Confirming Judges Who Want to Render Us Powerless to Stop Mass Shootings (Slate)
  8. Dayton Shooter Appeared to Tweet Extreme Left Views and Had an Abiding Interest in Violence (CNN)
  9. David Brooks: The Ideology of Hate and How to Fight It (New York Times)
  10. Former FBI Agent: I Spent 25 Years Fighting White Jihadis. White Supremacists Aren’t So Different. (New York Times)
  11. Clergy Protest Outside Senator Mitch McConnell’s Office, Demand Action on Gun Violence (Religion News Service)
  12. Senators Oppose Trump’s Refugee Cuts on Religious Grounds (Religion News Service)
  13. Nobel Prize Winner Toni Morrison, One of America’s Greatest Writers, Has Died at 88 (The Root)
  14. Survey of the Bible Added to Morgan County, Alabama Schools Curriculum (WHNT)
  15. Historic Chicago Church Starts New Life as High-End Condos (Chicago Curbed)
  16. A Soccer Club Wants to Demolish a Cincinnati Church, but a City Councilman Says Not So Fast, It’s Historic (Cincinnati Enquirer)
  17. U.K.: Mini Golf Installation at Historic English Church Irks Critics: ‘Don’t You Dare Pretend Its Still a Cathedral’ (Fox News)
  18. Middle East: A Campaign to Silence This Lebanese Band Has Galvanized the Country’s Extreme Christian Right (CNN)
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