1. It Feels Like Being Hunted’: Latinos in U.S. in Fear After El Paso Massacre (New York Times)
  2. Texas to Loosen Firearms Laws, Allowing Guns in Churches and on School Grounds (CNN)
  3. White House Rebuffed Attempts by DHS to Make Combating Domestic Terrorism a Priority (CNN)
  4. Department of Homeland Security Office: Trump Can’t Admit ‘This is Terrorism’ (Daily Beast)
  5. 2020 Democrats Say Trump is Fostering Hatred, Not Fighting It (New York Times)
  6. The El Paso Screed and the Racist Doctrine Behind It (New York Times)
  7. I Grew Up a White Nationalist. We Never Blamed Ourselves for Mass Shootings Like El Paso. (USA Today)
  8. At Victimized Charleston Church, Booker Condemns Gun Violence, Racism (Religion News Service)
  9. The Fight Against White Nationalism is Different (The Atlantic)
  10. US State Department Official Involved in White Nationalist Movement, Hatewatch Determines (Southern Poverty Law Center)
  11. The New Politics of the White (Supremacist) Evangelical Republican Party (Counterpunch)
  12. Susan Rice: When the President is a Bigot, the Poison Spreads (New York Times)
  13. Let the 2020 Race Begin: Trump-Worshiping Evangelicals, Pastors Set to Mobilize, Change America (Christian Broadcasting Network)
  14. Trump Quietly Used Regulations to Expand Gun Access (Politico)
  15. How a Nationalist Strain of Christianity is Subtly Shaping America’s Gun Debate (Huffington Post)
  16. ‘Dehumanizing’: Jackson, Mississippi Mayor Slams ICE Raids, Asks Churches to Become Safe Havens (Clarion Ledger)
  17. ‘It’s Insulting’: Kentucky Governor Attacks Democratic Opponent’s Faith Over Abortion Stance (USA Today)
  18. Lilly Endowment Makes New Grants to Save Historic Churches (Religion News Service)
  19. Billionaire Bunkers: How the 1% are Preparing for the Apocalypse (CNN)
  20. Brazil: Church Built to Look Like Solomon’s Temple to House Holocaust Museum (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)
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