We invite you to pray for peace today. We specifically ask you to pray for three urgent needs: We invite you to pray for peace today.

We specifically ask you to pray for three urgent needs:

  • Pray for an end to the escalating violence between Israel and the Hezbollah.
  • Pray for discerning governmental leadership that will see the wisdom in and work swiftly for an immediate ceasefire.
  • Pray for the safety, courage and witness of our Baptist family in Lebanon.

Our Baptist friend and colleague, Nabil Costa, wrote in part yesterday evening:

“The current disaster places the Lebanese believers at a crossroads: Either we willingly work to lift up the weak and the weary, endangering our lives to save others, or we can choose to run and hide, hunkering down until this tornado passes by.

For us Lebanese believers, this is not so easy. Those we are helping are linked to those who tried to destroy us during the Lebanese war (1975-90). But the loving eyes of our crucified Lord have directed us to the narrow road, to be his heart and his hands to those in need.

Enormous numbers of people from non-Christian background sought refuge at the Beirut Baptist School (BBS) and also at our theological seminary (ABTS). It was as if God were telling us, ‘It is not easy for you to go to these people, so I will bring them to you to serve them and reveal to them my love.’

Thus we have requisitioned the staff of our Baptist ministries to work amidst these refugees, including a special team of volunteers who are on site day and night.

As we begin the second week of this war, we ask ourselves how long we will be able to continue this effort. Frankly, this burden is too heavy for us to carry alone.”

We need to help our Lebanese brothers and sisters carry this burden.

As Baptists, who believe in the whole Bible, we know that Jesus calls us to peacemaking. We know that praying for peace and witnessing to the state are things that make for peace.

Will you join us on Sunday in praying for peace?


Elizabeth Fogg, member, Second Baptist Church, Richmond, VA; Jim Hill, executive director, Baptist General Convention of Missouri; Jerry Jones, team leader, Glocal Missions and Evangelism, Baptist General Association of Virginia; Tom Leland, pastor, University Baptist Church, Charlottesville, VA; Emmanuel McCall, moderator, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship; Gary Nelson, general secretary, Canadian Baptist Ministries; Robert Parham, executive director, Baptist Center for Ethics; Tony Peck, general secretary, European Baptist Federation; Joseph Phelps, pastor, Highland Baptist Church, Louisville, KY; John Upton, executive director; Baptist General Association of Virginia; Charles Wade, executive director; Baptist General Convention of Texas; Karen Zurheide, member, First Baptist Church, New London, NH

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