Once again heavy rains and flooding have devastated parts of the Indian sub-continent.

In the Indian state of Assam, over 750,000 people from 830 villages have been affected. In Bangladesh, it is reported that over 2 million people have been affected in some way, and over 500,000 directly affected. In Nepal the heaviest rain in 30 years fell on Kathmandu, and in some places was the heaviest in over 200 years.

Baptist World Aid (BWAid), the relief and development arm of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA), has already sent $10,000 to Bangladesh where Bangladesh Baptist Aid, a part of the Bangladesh Baptist Fellowship, is running a US $ 57,000 project. The Garo Baptist Convention in Bangladesh has also appealed to BWAid for support, and BWAid anticipates requests from other Baptist groups in the three countries.

“Two villages, Tarakanda and Kunsandhara, went into the rivers because of erosion. Two churches were in these villages and 25 families lost everything (houses and land) and took shelter near the schools and have nothing to eat,” reports Bangladesh Baptist relief worker Nripen Baidya. “We need to do something, first on an emergency basis and later on rehabilitation!”

Baidya is heading up a program to provide emergency shelters, food and medical supplies, and in his daily updates to BWAid, appeals for further funds.

“Sadly, floods in this part of the world are an all too regular thing, but that does not mean that we stand idly by,” says BWAid Director Paul Montacute. “I hope and pray that once again, Baptists around the world will support their brothers and sisters with generous donations to BWAid’s emergency appeal.”

Donations may be made to “BWAid Flood Appeal,” which will then be used in all three countries, or can be designated for Bangladesh, India or Nepal.

For further information on Baptist World Aid, and on making a donation, check out www.bwanet.org/bwaid.

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