Baptists in Ecuador are asking global Baptists for relief funds to help them respond to the worst floods in a quarter century.

Heavy seasonal rains since January have inundated much of the South American country. Dozens are dead or missing and thousands have been forced from their homes in 13 of Ecuador’s 24 provinces.

Parrish Jácome H., main pastor of the Christian Baptist Church “Israel” told Baptist World Aid 12,000 families have lost everything and around 3 million people are affected directly or indirectly. Many farmers have lost their harvests, their main source of their income, and now need supplies, medicines, clothing and first aid equipment to survive.

A relief project of the 196-church Baptist Convention of Ecuador seeks to assist 200 families with supplies of canned foods, medicine to take care of diseases and sheets. Jácome H. appealed for help in form of financial gifts through Baptist World Aid.

“We are aware of the commission that the Lord did not only send us to preach and share the Gospel, but also to act and respond to people according to their needs,” he said.

Donations to assist flood victims can be sent by check or credit card to Baptist World Aid in Falls Church, Va. Information on how to contribute is available on the Baptist World Aid Web site.

Bob Allen is managing editor of

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