The Baptist Center for Ethics is having an exceptionally productive year, one that we think our readers recognize and applaud.’s number of page requests in June 2006 increased by over 100,000 pages over June 2005 and by 140,000 over June 2004. These raw numbers illustrate a fantastic growth rate.

Knowing all that we’ve accomplished, we hope our readers will respond by investing in the Baptist Center for Ethics with a generous gift. We rely on an array of supporters to underwrite what we do. We need your support.

Consider first what we’ve done over the past six months: provided the most thorough coverage of the annual meeting of the Baptist World Alliance in Mexico City with nine days of articles and columns. is supplying more frequent and complete articles about Baptists in Beirut than any other Christian organization. had the first interview of any Christian news source with Al Gore about the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.” offered the most comprehensive exposure of the anti-public school movement within Southern Baptist life. was the only Christian publication to supply ongoing attention to the biggest “affinity fraud” case in history—the Baptist Foundation of Arizona trial. refused to ignore America’s war in Iraq with steady moral critique. provided first-rate, content-rich articles on a host of issues—intelligent design, immigration, taxation, stem cell research. We also supplied regular, thoughtful movie reviews.

That’s only part of what we’ve accomplished:

BCE issued a proactive pastoral letter supporting public education that hundreds of Baptist ministers signed and received nationwide media attention.

BCE produced two free, PDF resources—one provided tools for honoring teachers in worship services; the other offered advocacy and action resources for supporting public schools.

That’s only part of what we’re doing on the education front, however. We are releasing soon two new educational DVDs with accompanying online study guides.

The first is “Always…Therefore: The Church’s Challenge of Global Poverty.” This 25-minute, biblically centered DVD tells what goodwill Baptists are doing around the world together through Baptist World Aid.

Second is “Good Will for the Common Good: Nurturing Baptists’ Relationships with Jews,” an empowering, positive educational piece for Baptists who are timid about interfacing constructively with their Jewish neighbors and synagogues.

Not bad for a staff of four, who moved in May from a bricks-and-mortar office to a virtual office for the sake of better stewardship—money entrusted to us by supporters; time entrusted to us by our Creator.

Yes, we’ve done a lot. But we have miles to go, and we go every day with an unmatched level of relevancy and productivity.

If you want to strengthen our productive work and advance our centrist moral vision, we ask for your support today with a contribution.

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Know of our gratitude for the opportunity to serve you for the sake of the biblical witness and the common good.

Robert Parham is executive director of the Baptist Center for Ethics.

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