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The site, from Baptist Center for Ethics and, is a warehouse of information on the biblical mandate to care for the environment–and what people of faith can and should do.Launched in concert with Earth Day, already holds more than 40 articles from, including editorials, reviews, columns and news stories and several videos.

One video contains remarks by BCE Executive Director Robert Parham, who introduced Al Gore at the New Baptist Covenant meeting on Jan. 31. Parham referred to Gore as a Baptist prophet on the issue of caring for God’s creation. He also presented the former vice-president with a Green Bible.

“The Bible is God’s green book,” Parham said. “The green Bible gives us the responsibility to guard the garden. The green Bible calls us to love our neighbors. And my friends the only way we can love our neighbors across time is to leave them a decent place to live.”

Another video features Gore’s testimony on global warming before the House Energy & Science committees on March 21, 2007.

“I’m really grateful for and all the resources it provides, which can help us as Christians connect our understanding of Bible, faith and creation and our role in stewardship with this very important moral, spiritual and environmental issue that’s facing us today,” says Joe Phelps, pastor of Highland Baptist Church in Louisville, Ky., in a video (housed at the site) about the launch of can help Christians “articulate the relationship of environmental justice to their faith,” says Aidsand Wright-Riggins, executive director of National Ministries for American Baptist Churches USA, in the video. “There is a wealth of information there that connect this ”more than simply ideology or philosophy, grounding it in theology and in scripture in ways that Christians are able to say this is an important issue to us.”

More videos and articles will be posted as BCE and continue to cover climate change as a top-tier moral issue.

“We hope the symbolism of the green Bible will capture the imagination of Baptists about the clear biblical call to care for the earth and the need to make the environment a top-tier moral concern,” Parham said. “We think our Web page will raise the level of awareness and equip church leaders with timely news stories, provocative opinion pieces and practical resources.”

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