The Baptist Center for Ethics and have been shining the light of the gospel for more than 26 years.

As the world seems to grow darker from hatred, bigotry, war, violence, disease and other disheartening examples, BCE and seek to offer an ember of truth.

There has never been a more critical time for the church to magnify the message of Jesus. The world is listening for a voice to offer reliable analysis, biblical engagement and hope for the future.

As the Baptist Center for Ethics begins 2018, we want to center on three major themes: inform, inspire and empower. informs readers with resources as they seek to engage difficult cultural issues while attempting to apply biblical principles to each. Articles, editorials, reports and documentaries provide insights into many of our world’s most important ethical issues.

As we provide resources, we hope readers are inspired to live a biblically ethical life and engage in social justice.

Beginning in 2018, I plan to travel around the country visiting and preaching at churches, listening to stories of how congregations are working for social justice and seeking ways BCE and churches can work together to shine the light of the gospel.

In doing so, together with other partners, we will build a global network for social justice engagement.

However, informing and inspiring will not be enough to foster genuine social transformation. BCE will focus on avenues in which we can empower individuals and congregations to engage in ethics and social justice.

We want to continue working alongside some of our valued partners in ministry, as we build this social justice network that will provide partnerships and resources for those seeking to make a genuine difference in this world.

Empowering passionate and thoughtful congregations will spark a fire for all to see.

Therefore, we are enthusiastically inviting you to be an investor in this new era of ministry. Our ministry partners are our most cherished commodity.

From our denominational partners to our individual donors, each of you helps us accomplish our goals.

Whether you invest in our work through prayer, participation or providing financial resources, we value each contribution with great appreciation.

You can make a secure, online donation here, and you can mail a check to us at:

Baptist Center for Ethics
P.O. Box 150506
Nashville, TN 37215-0506

As 2018 gets underway, we look forward to working alongside each of you as we continue to spread the light of the gospel.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mitch Randall will begin his tenure as executive director of BCE and executive editor of on Jan. 1, 2018. You can follow him on Twitter @rmitchrandall.

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