Most Americans watch TV just before going to sleep. That is the unsurprising conclusion out of a recent survey by the National Sleep Foundation. The survey focused on differing bedtime behaviors according to ethnicity.

Three-quarters of African Americans surveyed said they watch TV just before entering dreamland, as did a large number of Hispanics (72 percent) and whites (64 percent). Asians, who came in at 52 percent watching TV, ranked highest (72 percent) in using a computer/Internet within one hour of nighty-night.

Religion News Service picked on the fact that, according to the survey, African-Americans (at 71 percent) are more likely to say bedtime prayers, compared to 45 percent of Hispanics, 32 percent of whites and 18 percent of Asians.

Also, African Americans and Hispanics (each at 10 percent) came out on … , I mean, …reported the most active sex lives at bedtime. In comparison, whites and Asians scored … uh, reported… 4 percent and 1 percent respectively — which may be reflected in a future survey on birth rates.

Like all surveys, there was room for errors — this one set at plus or minus 3.1 percent.

Several summarizing comments come to mind — all of which would likely embarrass my relatives and employers. So I’ll let you reach your own conclusions. Good night.

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