The number of U.S. adults who say they believe in God reached an all-time low of 81% in 2022, according to a Gallup report published June 17.

This is five-points below the previous low in 2014, and it is 17 points below the all-time high of 98%, the level of belief from 1953 to 1967.

Women (83%) were more likely than men (80%), people of color (88%) were more likely than non-Hispanic whites (79%), and Republicans (92%) were more likely than Independents (81%) and Democrats (72%) to affirm belief in God.

Only 68% of adults aged 18-29 said they believe in God, compared to 81% of those aged 30 to 49, 88% of those aged 50-64 and 87% of those 65 and older.

Among all U.S. adults, 42% say God “hears prayers and intervenes,” 28% believe God “hears prayers only,” 11% that God “does neither.” Those who attend religious services weekly (74%) were more likely than those who attend nearly weekly or monthly (50%) and those who do so seldom or never (28%) say God both hears prayers and intervenes.

“While belief in God has declined in recent years, Gallup has documented steeper drops in church attendancechurch membership and confidence in organized religion, suggesting that the practice of religious faith may be changing more than basic faith in God,” the report said.

The full report is available here. The topline results, noting an overall margin of error of plus or minus four percentage points, is available here.

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