There is an old saying that “Opinions are like belly buttons; everybody has one.” But it also appears that many people want to express those opinions on their bellies and chests.
While my daughters enjoyed a day of roller coasters and twirly things at Dollywood recently, I focused on hand-dipped corn dogs and the wide variety of teeshirt messages.
With messages ranging from creative to crude, the T-shirts came in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some brought a smile — such as the light pink one on a young boy that read: “My dad did the laundry.”
Many express the wearer’s loyalty to a particular professional, collegiate or amateur sports team. There wuz lots of Tennessee Ur-ange in them hills.
An assortment of NASCAR shirts and Confederate flags could be seen — sometimes on the same shirt. Others called for reflection, like: “Obey gravity: It’s the law.”
And, of course, the faithful were out using their sweaty cotton front-sides as testimonies. There was the ol’ “Real Men Love Jesus” shirt.
Another, played off the famous chocolate-flavored drink and stated: “It was YOU-WHO He died for.”
The most direct message read: “Got Jesus? It’s Hell without Him.” Another said: “God doesn’t believe in atheists.”
One young father’s pot-belly proclaimed: “Dad of Dads (King of Kings was already taken).” I never determined if it was meant as an affirmation of Jesus or sacrilege.
My daughters bought tasteful tees in the Dollywood gift shop before leaving the park. They had just been drenched on a water ride and we didn’t want them departing so wet.
I was tempted by a great black T-shirt that paid tribute to Johnny Cash, but I passed. And nothing was offered in tribute to hand-dipped corn dogs.
One park-goer’s shirt simply stated: “Stop looking at my shirt.” Sorry, just can’t help it.

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