Activists in two countries apparently feel it’s better for children to be ignorant than to hear important lessons.

I couldn’t help but notice that during the same week, Palestinian leaders in Gaza axed a plan that would have taught public school students about Hitler’s holocaust against the Jews, while many parents in America took steps to prevent their children from hearing an inspirational message from President Obama.

Leaders in Gaza don’t want children to learn about the historic mistreatment of the Jews, lest they develop some sympathy for their enemies. Obama-haters in America seem to fear that even hearing the president make an inspirational speech about working hard and staying in school might cause their children to feel some measure of respect for a man who worked hard, stayed in school, and succeeded.

The point in both camps seems to be indoctrinating children in their parents’ antagonism toward their perceived enemies rather than learning to understand or, dare I say, love them.

I believe Jesus had something to say about that.

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