Bible Studies

Nurturing Faith Bible Studies are written by Bible scholar and teacher Tony W. Cartledge. These lessons for faithful living are available in two forms: in the bimonthly Nurturing Faith Journal and in a Nurturing Faith book series.

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Nurturing Faith Journal Bible Studies

This weekly, lectionary-based Bible study curriculum is found inside the bimonthly journal. Subscriptions to the journal include access to the abundant online teaching resources, including Cartledge’s video lesson overview and his “Digging Deeper” and “Hardest Question” insights. Lesson plans by David Woody (for adults) and Jeremy Colliver (for youth) are included as well.

Subscribe to the journal HERE. Preview a Bible study lesson above. Click HERE to preview the 2022 Scope and Sequence for the lectionary-based NFJ Bible studies written by Tony W. Cartledge.

Nurturing Faith Bible Series

These short-term studies range from seven to 13 weeks. Introductory and background materials, and discussion questions, are included in each book. These series books include studies from the Psalms, Revelation, Ephesians, Genesis and the Five Scrolls. They are ideal for weekly Bible study groups, Wednesday prayer meetings, retreats or an annual Bible study emphasis.

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