Biblical prophecy foretells three paths to peace between Arab states and Israel, according to Michael Rydelnik, professor of Jewish studies at Moody Bible Institute.

Peace “will arrive when the Peacemaker, Messiah Jesus, returns to set up His throne and reign over the kingdoms of the earth,” Rydelnik wrote.
A former staff member of Chosen People Ministries (CPM), Rydelnik reads the Bible literally through the lenses of a complex historical scheme known as dispensational premillennialism.
Rydelnik is one of the speakers at a conference that prioritizes Jewish evangelism in the new millennium, scheduled for Feb. 8-10, at the First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach in Florida.
Rydelnik wrote, “Peace for the Arab world and the Jewish nation will be established in three ways: (1) through the desolation of some Arab nations, (2) through the annexation of some Arab lands by Israel, and (3) through the spiritual transformation of some Arab countries.”
Identifying the Southern area of Jordan with the biblical nation of Edom, Rydelnik wrote it “will be completely desolate.” He cited Ezekiel 35:1-15 and Jeremiah 49:13 as proof texts for his geo-political worldview.
His article “The Future of the Arab States” appears on the Web site of CPM.
Lebanon and portions of Syria “will experience peace with Israel by being annexed into the Jewish State during the Messianic Kingdom,” Rydelnik predicted, citing Ezekiel 47:13-20.
Spiritual transformation of a number of Arab nations will occur when they gain faith in “Messiah Jesus,” said Rydelnik.
Robert Parham is BCE’s executive director.

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