The late Cajun chef Justin Wilson, before explaining one his famous spicy recipes, used to say: “Let me tell ya what I’m gonna did.”
What Baptists Today is “gonna did” next week, is give significant attention to the historic gathering of rather-diverse Baptists in Atlanta under the banner of “A Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant.”
To that end, I will be joined by contributing editor Tony Cartlege, online editor Bruce Gourley and blogging talent Aaron “Big Daddy” Weaver in providing live, multiple reports at
The celebration is significant in terms of scope, controversy and potential historical impact. Never has such a diverse group of Baptist leaders cooperatively planned an event that will include such prominent Baptist speakers.
Many of us are looking beyond the politic persuasion of individual speakers and seeing a rich, unprecedented, interracial opportunity for worship, fellowship and cooperative ministry that crossing geographical and convention lines.
Baptists Today looks forward to being present and to providing timely reports. Bruce and Aaron will do live blogging as events unfurl. Think of them as doing “play-by-play” reporting of the action.
Tony and I will do the “color commentary,” seeking to give interpretation and analysis of the various addresses.
Also, we will post or link to video coverage, a photo gallery, numerous news stories coming out of the meeting and a special discussion forum at
So we invite you to keep up with the historic gathering of Baptists Jan. 30 – Feb. 1 at
Bruce has designed a special Baptists Today web page for this event. The page with our pre-event posts will be up on Monday. The Celebration will be held Wednesday-Friday of next week.
We’ll be there whether you can make it or not. It is going to be a much talked about event. I “gar-ron-tee.”
(Photo: David Goatley of the Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Missions Convention is president of the North American Baptist Fellowship, a regional fellowship of Baptist groups coordinating the Celebration.)

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