By John D. Pierce

Nurturing Faith keeps rolling out books that are inspiring and informative — that make us better as we seek to grow, learn and live in purposeful ways.

The latest two to roll off these presses are well worth reading.

Tony Cartledge is a gifted Bible scholar who provides the weekly Nurturing Faith Bible Studies inside Nurturing Faith Journal. Also, he writes short-term Bible study series with both the lessons and the background materials within the published volumes.

These short-term studies are perfect for those who genuinely want to dig into the biblical revelation beyond pet passages and shallow conclusions. Let’s face it: we tend to give our opinions about the Bible more than actually digging into the sacred texts.

And, when doing so, we often gravitate toward familiar sections while avoiding others. But not Tony.

His latest volume is Five Scrolls For All Times, a 10-week study of Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes and Esther.

This insightful study — sponsored by Lynda and Dan Bryson in honor of his parents, Loretta and Dee Bryson — is neither bulky nor shallow. Like Tony says of his approach to writing Bible lessons, “I’ll never not tell you something that I know.” (Even when the scripture alludes to sex.)

Order a copy at Nurturing Faith’s online bookstore or call (478) 301-5655 for discount pricing for a Bible study group of any size.

A second new release, which I was privileged to edit, is This Hope We Have: Selected Sermons and Meditations of Jon Appleton. The longtime, beloved pastor of First Baptist Church of Athens, Ga., was a poetic proclaimer of the Gospel.

At the time of his death on Nov. 27 last year, his family had gathered decades of his sermons and meditations to be the fodder for this book. The selected sermons and meditations were grouped thematically, including sections on the Gospel of John, Advent and Christmas, Lent and Easter, Communion and other special occasions.

An overarching theme of hope was obvious from the start and prevailed throughout this project. As Jon once said: “The cement of Christian commitment is hope, real hope — the hope that God can do through us what we cannot do for ourselves.

This new release may be ordered at Nurturing Faith as well. We all can read, learn and grow!

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