• “God only works through Christians.”
  • “Other faiths only engage in interfaith relations to convert us.”
  • “We can’t work alongside people of other faiths.”

These are just three of the 12 myths of interfaith engagement challenged in a new resource from the Baptist Union of Great Britain being launched today (Nov. 19) during Inter Faith Week.

“12 Myths of Inter Faith Engagement” is designed to be used in a small group session to allow for discussion. It is hoped that by working through these myths, Christians will have an increased knowledge of other faiths and a new confidence in how to engage with them.

Other myths include:

  • “Being involved in interfaith activity means we have to worship together.”
  • “The interfaith agenda seeks to make one world religion.”
  • “Muslims are taking over the country; we need to keep them back.”

“Our prayer is that ’12 Myths of Inter Faith Engagement’ might be a resource to inspire and equip the work to which we are all called,” said Ian Bunce, head of mission department at the Baptist Union of Great Britain.

“By confronting and overcoming the myths that hold us back, we can become more confident in engaging with our neighbors from different religions and cultures and building good relationships.”

Following the launch at Kahaila Café in London, “12 Myths of Inter Faith Engagement” will be available to order through the Baptist Union of Great Britain online store on Nov. 20 for about $4.75 (or 3 pounds in Great Britain) a copy.

Kahaila is a new church in a multifaith community and an example of living alongside people of other faiths.

More details about Inter Faith Week can be found at InterFaithWeek.org.

This article appeared originally in The Baptist Times of Great Britain.

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