By John Pierce

The early bird gets the worm. The early Saturday morning TV viewer gets infomercials.

Ladders, jewelry, teeth whiteners, hair removers, facial regenerators, coins, food processors, ovenware, exercise equipment, water filters, lanterns, fill-at-home coffee pods and various “enhancers.”

“BUT WAIT, that’s not ALL!”

There are also those dreaded preachers on the Inspiration Channel — which should be called the Compensation Channel — and scattered elsewhere among the other hustlers of promised-laden products.

Regardless of the product being hyped, those impassioned screams of “Pay less!” or “Call now!” or “Double your order!” or “Sow a seed!” have never send me scrambling for the phone and my credit card.

In most cases we would be better served to heed simply the first part — “But wait!”

Especially when it comes to preachers in fine wool who delight in shearing the sheep.

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