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Campbell University Divinity School will soon bid farewell to two fine professors: preaching professor Roy E. De Brand will retire at the end of the year, and theologian Steven R. Harmon will be taking a new position in Samford University’s Beeson Divinity School next fall.

After lengthy searches and the receipt of applications from around the country, Campbell has announced that J. Daniel Day and Cameron Jorgenson will fill the two positions.
Day, who earned a Th.D. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, will become Associate Professor of Preaching and Worship.

He recently “retired” after 44 years of successful pastoral ministry that included pulpits in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and Missouri before concluding at First Baptist Church of Raleigh. Day is widely known for his artistry in the pulpit, crafting sermons that are carefully conceived and convincingly presented.
Associate dean Barry Jones said Day “will model a high view of preaching that combines clear and compelling communication with vital spirituality, biblical fidelity, intellectual integrity and Christ-like compassion.” Day, who will teach courses in worship as well as preaching, said he hopes the lessons he has learned in congregational ministry will be of value to younger leaders.
Jorgenson is at the other end of the experience scale, but already accomplished as a young theologian. Jorgenson is scheduled to receive his Ph.D. from Baylor University in August, just as he joins the Campbell faculty as Assistant Professor of Christian Theology. Jorgenson “sees theology as a joyful pursuit that bridges both the treasures of the ancient church and the everyday world of contemporary culture,” Jones said.
For ministers, “being a theologian is not an option,” Jorgenson says. “It is my goal that students walk away from their theology coursework grounded in the essential doctrines of the faith, equipped to ask good questions, prepared to read texts carefully, and committed to engage in theological dialogue charitably.” Jorgenson has served with distinction as a teaching fellow and adjunct professor at Baylor.
Day and Jorgenson will be introduced to the Campbell Divinity School community on April 15, and I am confident they will be very welcome.

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