Our newest initiative focusing on providing faith-based content to TV outlets was announced yesterday.
This effort will compliment, not replace, the daily content provided each weekday on EthicsDaily.com.

Since 2002, EthicsDaily.com has provided biblically based moral reflection through daily articles, documentary films and Bible study curriculum. These efforts will continue, with ongoing refinements being made to the website.

Several notable improvements have been implemented over the past 18 months.

Robert Parham’s editorial referenced the notification bar through which we can provide timely, moral critique of breaking news as well as a feature allowing readers to see Bible verses by moving their mouse over the hyperlink.

In addition to these upgrades, we have increased the diversity of our contributors, added a quote-of-the-week feature and updated our submission guidelines.

Readers may now “see” who each columnist is by headshot of each author next to their closing byline, another improvement.

We have also been able to engage a growing number of people on social media.

In March 2013, I thanked our roughly 1,100 Facebook page followers and 600 Twitter followers for their support.

Today, I want to extend my gratitude to our nearly 1,800 Facebook page followers and almost 1,100 Twitter followers.

In addition to Facebook and Twitter, we announced the creation of a Pinterest page in May 2013.

This has become a helpful means of providing access to event photos, Skype interviews and column series, which are posted on different locations on our site but can be shared on a single webpage using Pinterest.

We are grateful for the increased engagement on these social media platforms and appreciate your helping us share our daily content with others.

Each time you share a Facebook post, retweet a link to a column or video on Twitter, or re-pin an item on Pinterest, you help us reach audiences that we might not be able to otherwise.

For those who are new to social media, we have also created a page explaining how to connect with us and share content that we post on each of these platforms.

Brief video tutorials have been created to walk you through the process step-by-step.

We established a page with details on how to search our site for content that no longer appears on the front page or in the latest articles section.

Each article that appears is archived and can be shared with others using the icons at the bottom of each page.

Overall, EthicsDaily.com has become more focused on providing column series that equip congregational leaders to address special observances, provide Christians with examples of how Christianity makes a positive difference, and explore church trends.

One example is the most recent series on the culturally overlooked and underappreciated social capital that churches pour into local and global initiatives that transform lives.

By enlisting pastors from across the U.S., we were able to share positive stories of congregations addressing pressing needs across the world, making communities stronger. You can access the entire series here.

Earlier series further demonstrate our efforts to provide helpful resources to local churches. Topics include Advent, church trends, Lent, reformations and more.

As we begin to focus on providing more content for TV, rest assured that EthicsDaily.com remains our primary platform for engaging our readership.

As Robert noted yesterday, “We aren’t shifting gears away from providing moral resources for churches and congregational leaders. We are expanding the way we deliver resources.”

Zach Dawes is the managing editor for EthicsDaily.com. You can follow him on Twitter @ZachDawes_Jr.

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