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There’s nothing really new about Chi Rho, a Christian men’s a cappella ensemble made of up students at Wake Forest University. They’ve been around since 1991, and various versions of the group have recorded seven albums. Last spring they toured internationally.

I heard them in concert April 13 at Calvary Baptist Church in Mount Airy and … these guys are good.

Really good.

With a broad repertoire ranging from contemporary Christian to old hymns and spirituals to classical (Ave Maria in Latin, for example), the group sings with joyful enthusiasm — and always on key. The sounds they can make with their voices alone leave you looking for the percussion section or the bass guitar — but it’s all them.

To hear clips of their music, go to their website and click on one of the albums displayed there. You can order CDs online if you like. The most recent (“Here Is What I Know Now”) is a special treat.

To hear them live, make your way to Wake Forest University on Saturday night, April 19 for their big end-of-the-year concert at Wait Chapel. They’re hoping to pack the house.

If you live within driving distance and could use an extra blessing, here’s a golden opportunity. And, like the grace that it echoes, there’s no charge.

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