Christian millennials in the U.S. are most likely to say they feel called to their work and desire to use their gifts to help others, according to a Barna Group report published May 14.

A recent survey assessed how U.S. Christians understand and view their work, asking questions focused on respondents’ sense of calling, happiness at work and motivation behind their labor.

A majority of millennials (54%) were satisfied that current employment was preparing them for future plans (compared to 44% of Gen-Xers and 35% of boomers), while 50% expressed a sense of calling to their work (compared to 39% of Gen-Xers and 37% of boomers).

Presented with the statement, “I want to use my gifts and talents for the good of others,” 67% of millennials affirmed this view, while 60% of Gen-Xers and 57% of boomers did so.

When it comes to using gifts and talents outside the workplace, boomers and Gen-Xers were most likely to say they do so (75% of both generations said this was “very true” or “somewhat true”). Among millennial respondents, 71% affirmed this was very or somewhat true.

“Just beyond Millennials is Gen Z, and it remains to be seen what kind of long-term engagement they may have with the Church at all. Currently, Barna finds, they primarily define themselves by academic or career success, with faith and family further down the list,” the report said.

“It will be a significant and pivotal undertaking for churches to help emerging adults become more vocationally minded than career-oriented.”

The report is available here.

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