Christians may not be willing to subject themselves to the likes of TV’s latest dating shows, “Elimidate,” “5th Wheel,” “Blind Date,” “Dismissed,” “Change of Heart” or “Temptation Island.” But, when it comes to finding the perfect mate, Christians have many options on the Web.

With sites like,,, and, Christians are not limited to finding that special someone at church picnics or Sunday school singles groups. Jane and John can meet, get to know one another and fall in love—all without ever meeting face-to-face.

Christian Dating Service International claims to be a “ministry of ‘helps’ in the body of Christ.”

Its Web site,, even has glowing endorsements from various ministers.

“For years we have taught Christians in general and Christian youth in particular, to find Christian partners. Now we have a vehicle for facilitating this process in a creative and responsible manner,” Benjamin Alicea, chairman Coalition of Hispanic Leadership in New York, said of the organization.

“Concurrent with our moving closer together with our speed of travel, intercontinental satellite capability etc. . . and our closer involvement with each other by means of on the spot world-wide t.v. reporting etc. . . . a paradoxical problem has apparently arisen: that of loneliness, of isolation, it is expressed in the hunger for real contact with another human being. CDS is attempting to meet some of those needs,” wrote Lt. Col. John Durham, U.S. Army chaplain.

Like most Christian dating sites, CDS is nondenominational and offers free trials of its services. But when these free trials are over, wannabe daters could pay anywhere from $15 to $60 per month for the privilege of surfing for their soul mate.

AGAPE Christian Singles site reports that its goal is to “glorify God, and to provide an edifying environment for single brothers and sisters in Christ.”

“For those who wish to pursue relationship responsibilities,” AGAPE has its own dating service called Christian Singles Connection. Here, one can browse an online photo gallery of participants, participate in a live photo chat and sign up to create a free profile.

And when it comes to profiling, the Christian Singles Connection asks for it all: age, weight, height, eye color, physical build, yearly income range. You know, all the things your mother told you to look for in a person. The site also asks participants about their church involvement, favorite Bible book, drinking habits and political interests.

“Christian singles looking for love, romance, friends, dating, relationships, personal, classified, matchmaking and dating services” should check out Or at least that is what thinks. provides a tour of the site for “guests,” where one can get a glimpse at how the whole process works. Members can search a database of over 50,000 available singles.

For instance, if you are looking for a male in the northeastern United States, between the ages of 36-40, who attends a nondenominational church, you might be interested in CARDIOB183. He makes between $60,000 and $80,000, has never had kids, describes his body type as “toned-athletic” and drives a luxury car. You can also find out his height and weight.

For those who wish to go deeper, they can click to see how CARDIOB183 describes his Christian faith, his personal goals and what he is looking for in a mate. claims to have over 30,000 participants. This site also provides articles and advice about dating.

“Do you believe in your heart that God (the best Matchmaker of all) has created someone in this world who is not only compatible with you, but someone who is your perfect compliment, your ‘soul-mate’?” asks.

Sveta, from Russia, may believe that God is “the best Matchmaker of all,” but she is helping herself along by making herself available on the Web.

“Hello, my name is Sveta and I am a Born Again Christian. I am 31, single and seeking a long-term relationship,” she wrote in an open letter on “I am white, slim, I have no children and do not drink or smoke.” tells viewers, “You may be just a few clicks away from your soul mate.”

Whether you call it matchmaking or ministry, Christian dating services on the Web provide a sneak peak at who’s available.

Jodi Mathews is BCE’s communications director.

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