By John Pierce

Where did we get the idea that Christmas should be perfect?

That’s easy to answer: Christmas stories, Christmas songs, Christmas movies, Christmas greeting cards, Martha Stewart.

Often we can end up with the false notion that a proper Christmas should be free of head colds, personality conflicts, late shipping or dry turkey.

Perhaps it is helpful to consider Christmas as just another day — in one sense.

Love, joy, hope and peace are not for a day or even a season. These Christmas gifts are daily pursuits among the challenges and imperfections that mark all of our lives.

Christmas serves its best purpose as a reminder that this holy interruption in human history is not about everything being “just right” for a day. It is the assurance of needed grace and the promise of hope amid the ongoing experiences of daily living.

To expect perfection for a day is to anticipate a lesser gift that is rarely delivered. There is one far greater and more lasting.

“Let us go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened.”

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