Christopher Harbin

Christopher Harbin grew up in Brazil as the son of missionary parents. He began working in missions and ministry during high school. He later served as a missionary with his wife, Karen, in Michigan, South Carolina, Mexico and Brazil. He taught seminary for several years and coordinated the program for theological education by extension for the Baptist seminary in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. During that time, he taught 28 different courses for seminary and extension program students. Over the course of that teaching, he began writing extensively for his students and has published several theological works in three languages.

Returning to the US, Chris served churches in Virginia and North Carolina. Along with his ministerial and writing career, he has served as a healthcare interpreter. In 2014, he was honored as Distinguished Alumnus of the Modern Languages Department of Mississippi College.

While serving as Latino Pastor, he published On Immigration as a bilingual book with Nurturing Faith. He has published over 500 sermons with and some articles with Chris is a Provisional Elder with the United Methodist Church, serving in the area of Charlotte, NC.

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