By John D. Pierce

Soon the next issue of Nurturing Faith Journal will roll of the presses — and there is time for you to subscribe right here.

Some highlights of the March-April issue — along with the superb weekly Nurturing Faith Bible Studies by Tony Cartledge — include:

Author/consultant Bob Dale talks about how to grow healthy churches for changing times.

Astrophysicist Paul Wallace explores the fascinating question: How can we understand Jesus in light of evolution?

Longtime educator Larry McSwain reflects on living between “now” and “evermore.”

Historian Bruce Gourley digs into the ways the Church historically has told (or missed) the larger story of Jesus.

My visit with a young family in Knoxville, Tenn., offers inspiration for celebrating life even when it unfolds differently than planned. Also, I dig into the “day of contrasts” when Easter lands on April Fools’ Day.

There are great columns by Bill Wilson (on boundaries), John Franke (on the mission of God), Ginger Hughes (on setting examples), Brett Younger (on “Prince Harry and me”), Larry Hovis (on maintaining unity in divisive times) and so much more!

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