Bruce Gourley is a December graduate of Auburn University, receiving a Ph.D. in American History. Congratulations!

His dissertation was titled “Baptists in Middle Georgia during the Civil War” — sure to be a feature film in theaters by next Christmas. Well, maybe not. But a topic of interest to some historians at the least.

A native of Douglas, Ga., Bruce …uh, excuse me, Dr. Gourley, now lives in Manhattan. That’s Manhattan, Montana, of course. He and his family are involved in a new church start in that area.

Bruce is a true entrepreneur who has his hands on a variety of projects. He is online editor for Baptists Today and acting director of Mercer University’s Center for Baptist Studies.

Among his many other ventures, Bruce owns, a respected web site for planning travel to the national park he knows and loves. He also owns the popular discussion forum

A talented photographer, Bruce’s camera work has shown up in many places. To see some of his superb photography (and other aspects of his entrepreneurship) visit his personal web site.

Bruce moved out West for the first time in the early ’90s to teach and do campus ministry. He returned to Montana after wrapping up the bulk of his doctoral work.

For all the good things you do, thanks Dr. Gourley.

[Photo: Bruce Gourley capturing images at Georgia’s Cumberland Island National Seashore]

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