A new documentary on prisons and faith – “Through the Door” – will be shown at First Baptist Church in Greensboro, N.C., on March 28 during the annual meeting of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina (CBFNC).

Cliff Vaughn, co-producer of “Through the Door,” will moderate the screening.

Vaughn is media producer of EthicsDaily.com, which made the film and is a leading producer of faith-based documentaries.

Cara Lynn Vogel, state coordinator for Christian Women’s Job Corps of North Carolina (CWJC), emailed women and men involved with her organization, encouraging them to attend the screening.

“I am recommending ‘Through the Door’ to Christian Men’s/Women’s Job Corps sites across North Carolina because it speaks clearly to Christ’s admonition in Matthew 25 to visit those in prison,” she said.

“When we ‘visit,’ we begin to identify with one another and relationship is built. This relationship is at the heart of CMJC (Christian Men’s Job Corps) and CWJC … and also ‘Through the Door,'” wrote Vogel.

Prison ministry is one of the top concerns for CWJC and its parent organizations, the Woman’s Missionary Union.

CBFNC plans to sponsor future documentary screenings with panel discussions across the state.

“Through the Door” will also be screened on April 12 at First Baptist Church, Farmington, Mo., at the annual meeting of the Baptist General Convention of Missouri.

The Woman’s Missionary Union of Virginia will show the documentary twice – Nov. 7 and 8 – at its annual “Women’s Get Away” retreat at Eagle Eyrie Conference Center.

The prison and faith documentary will be shown at the November meeting in Waco of the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

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