Some people just sit by while people around them use profanity.

The Cuss Control Academy has made it its mission to use classes, presentations, media coverage, its Web site and its new book, Cuss Control, to influence people to bite their lip instead of spewing dirty words. outlines the Academy’s purpose, which is to “increase awareness of the negative impact bad language has on society and on individuals who swear too frequently or inappropriately” and to “help individuals and groups eliminate or reduce their use of profanity, vulgarity and offensive slang.”
The site provides 10 tips for taming the tongue:
1. Recognize that swearing does harm.
2. Start by eliminating casual swearing.
3. Think positively.
4. Practice being patient.
5. Cope, don’t cuss.
6. Stop complaining.
7. Use alternative words.
8. Make your point politely.
9. Think of what you should have said.
10. Work at it.
Visit to learn more about what’s wrong with swearing.

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