1. The New Science of Spiritual Fortitude: The Key to Enduring Faith (Religion News Service)
  2. Teens in the South More Likely to Encounter Religion in Public Schools, Pew Survey Says (AL.com)
  3. Baptizing Slaves of Early Africans Helped tie Episcopal Church to Slavery’s Legacy (Episcopal News Service)
  4. Savannah’s First African Baptist Church, Believed to be Oldest in U.S., Finishes Repairs (Philadelphia Tribune)
  5. Minnesota Church Fights to Keep Member from Being Deported (Presbyterian Outlook)
  6. North Dakota County Narrowly Votes to Keep Accepting Refugees (NBC News)
  7. A Maryland Church Bought a 120-year-old Church and for $ 320,000 and Now Live in it With Their Three Kids (MSN)
  8. ‘Empty the Pews’ Gives Voice to Those Who’ve Escaped Toxic Christianity (Religion Dispatches)
  9. Christian Psychologist: Trump’s Evangelical Supporters Have Been ‘Bewitched by an Exploitative, Psychologically Lying Snake Oil Salesman’ (AlterNet)
  10. John Kasich in Cross-hairs of New Pro-Trump Falwell Group Fighting Christian ‘Liberals’ (Columbus Dispatch)
  11. Christianity Today’s 2020 Book Awards (Christianity Today)
  12. South America: Spiritual Customs in Costa Rica Led to the Discovery of a Toad Species (ZME Science)
  13. Africa: Church Unearthed in Ethiopia Rewrites History of Christianity in Africa (Smithsonian)
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