An advertisement for a trip in May 2022 to Israel and the West Bank
  1. Can Hobby Lobby Buy the Bible? (The Atlantic)
  2. Wheaton College Suspends Christian Professor Who Wore a Hijab (Chicago Tribune)
  3. Watching the GOP Debate Through Muslim Eyes (CNN)
  4. ‘Star Wars’: A New Hope for N.J. Church’s Outreach (
  5. The Turing Church Preaches Religion of the Future (Vice)
  6. Two Rural Churches Rile Baptist Association By Calling Women as Pastor (Baptist News Global)
  7. Baugh Foundation Gives $1 Million to CBF (Baptist News Global)
  8. Spain: Century-Old Spanish Church Turned into Incredible Skate Park (Inhabitat)
  9. North Korea: Christian Pastors Given Life in Prison (Wall Street Journal)
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