1. Ken Burns: The Importance of Bridging Political Divides, the Role of ‘Faith and Values’ (CNN)
  2. LDS Church Announces it Still Opposes Equal Rights Amendment as Supporters Rally at Capitol (Salt Lake Tribune)
  3. Southern Baptists Unveil Abuse Reporting Process, but Critics Say it Fails to Ensure Anonymity (Houston Chronicle)
  4. Research on Religion and Violence Enters a Gray Area (Boston Globe)
  5. The New Math of Church Mergers (Christianity Today)
  6. Evangelical Giving Holds Steady Despite Tax Reform (Christianity Today)
  7. The Science of Giving: Why it Feels Good to Give Back (Jersey’s Best)
  8. Spirituality Affects the Behavior of Mortgagers (Eureka Alert)
  9. Baylor Regents Hear Report from Spirituality and Character Study (Baptist Standard)
  10. A Choreographer Dances Out His Feelings About Race and Religion (New York Times)
  11. Walker Knight, Founding Editor of Baptists Today Newspaper and Former Editor of Home Missions Magazine, Dead at 95 (Baptist News Global)
  12. Rob Reiner, Director of The Princess Bride (The Best Movie Ever!), Accuses ‘Many White Evangelicals’ of Signing ‘Pact with Putin’ (Washington Examiner)
  13. ‘The Chosen One’: Inside the Fast-Growing Evangelical Christian Movement that Will Never Abandon Trump (Raw Story)
  14. Israel: Why Holy Land Christians are Leaving Bethlehem, Birthplace of Jesus (Fox News)
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