Nazareth at Sunset photo by John D. Pierce

By John D. Pierce

It is an interesting time to be Christian in America when so much of white evangelicalism has gone nuts. Most baffling is what is considered acceptable and what is not.

And the opportunistic preachers and politicians remaking Americanized “Christianity” into a Jesus-free political agenda rely on the silence of those who know better. So this is a time to speak up boldly.

To make sense of these often senseless priorities and odd allegiances one must get in the heads of many American evangelicals. Apparently, there is plenty of room.

Here’s a helpful guide for those trying to understand this self-serving, fearful, politicized movement, recently reflected in the overwhelming and mind-boggling support for Judge Roy Moore:

  • Generally ignoring all that Jesus taught while claiming to be Christian: OK.
  • Someone pointing out how Jesus gets pushed aside for a self-serving political agenda: offensive.
  • Claiming to believe the Bible more than everyone else: OK.
  • Someone pointing out what the Bible actually says about justice: offensive.
  • Supporting race-baiting, vulgar politicians who denounce equal rights for minorities while offering special treatment for the majoritarian populace: OK.
  • Opposing such injustice: pro-abomination baby killer.
  • Standing up for my rights: OK.
  • Standing up the rights of others: offensive.

My prayer is that the celebration of Christmas will extend well beyond the manger  — and that those who claim to follow Jesus will pay closer attention to what he actually said and did between his birth and death/resurrection.

His life and teachings are nothing less than the fullest revelation of God.

And, yes, they can be quite offensive as well — yet freeing and hopeful.

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